We don't sell products. We design Engineering solutions to solve your front door access problems.
Telephone Entry Systems
If you have one of these Telephone Entry Systems (DKS, SES, Keri Systems, Linear, Sentex, etc.), we can:
  • Reduce your monthly bills significantly without replacing the existing system but just adding the Fortices Smart Directory, and therefore preserve your investments
  • Lower your directory update fees, more responsive to your update request, and we share the latest directory list for your record when requested
  • Monitor the system for issues, anomalies, etc., and we share the usage metrics when requested
Voice Intercom Systems
The Voice Intercom Systems call the unit in the apartment, therefore tenants need to be at home. Long wires need to be pulled from the front door to the apartments. Old wires usually start creating buzzing noises in the apartment unit disturbing the tenants. Tracing wires issues can be very costly. We can:
  • Disconnect the wires that will eliminate the noises
  • Add the Fortices Smart Call Button device and for a low monthly fee will call tenant mobile phones instead of the in-suite intercom. Tenants can answer and open the door from anywhere whether they are in or out of town.
  • Optional for additional cost - in the absent of wires buzzing issues, we can configure to keep the existing intercom connected such that the system will call both the in-suite intercom as well as the tenant mobile phone
  • Optional for additional cost - depending on the condition of the front door panel, replace it with a new custom developed panel
Included with our Solutions
Professional Installation
All our technicians are certified professionals with more than 5 years of building access control and security systems experiences.
World class Help & Support
Every customer is unique. We develop personal plans for each new project. In person or remote supports, help and troubleshooting with qualified staffs.
Fair & Transparent Prices
We provide transparent project scopes and plans. Our prices are fixed for standard installations, and fair for custom projects with special needs.
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