Let's modernize your Intercom into the 21st Century

Our devices modernize any Intercom systems for today's lifestyle.
Call your mobile phone and home phone.
Never miss the package deliveries even when you are not home.
Don't need to wait around for service technician just to give access.
Eliminate the frequent "out of service" issues due to old wirings.

Our products
We offer three basic plans of retrofit processes. All materials and accessories required for your particular intercom system are included.
Audio only
Our simplest retrofit, compatible with any existing intercom and as many phone lines as you need.
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Audio & Video + App (Coming Soon)
Our most complete option, compatible with any existing system, dedicated camera and connection included.
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Remote door open
Available with all products
Trusted guests
Available with audio+video model
Any phone compatible
Available with all products
(coming soon) temporary guest codes to let delivery drivers in
Included with all our products
Professional Installation
All our professionals have more than 5 years of building access control and security experience.
World Class Help & Support
In person or over the air fixes, help and troubleshooting with actually qualified support staff.
Fair and Transparent Prices
Our prices are fixed for standard installations, and our communications lines significantly cheaper than both analog and IP solutions.
Our works
Keep your existing build, we'll modernize the insides
Estimate project price for free
Our consultant will connect you and will visit your place at a convenient time. We'll arrange timescales
and a bill at the same day.
How it works
Your request
We will come and assess the current intercom
Retrofit design
We'll plan how to fit the Fortices system inside your intercom.
We'll install and test the new system.
Welcome to your intercom
Same as before, but different :p
Better, cheaper, works all the time.
How much is an installation work?
It is a simple service performed by licensed professionals, rates vary by regions but typically cost less than a new system installation.
Do you have licenses and certifications
Our hardware is certified to US national standards (UL-ANSI, FTC) and our installers are licensed in the states in which they operate.
Can I install the Fortices hardware myself?
Not at the moment, you must work with one of our installation partners.
How much time does the installation take?
It depends on type of existing system at your property but typically fewer than 2 hours and doesn't require your presence in most instances.
Does it work with my cell phone number?
Yes. We can set your new intercom to dial any phone number, wired or cellular.
If you have any additional questions, please contact us at
Calculate project price for free
Estimates are free and include estimated cost saving over your current intercom phone line bills.
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