Goodbye, old intercom.
Welcome Fortices!
Regain control of your gate, restart trusting delivery, reboot your intercom bill. Your smart home starts at the front door.

Intelligent Access Control
Identify visitors, guests, and delivery workers with certainty via high definition camera and large field of view
Mobile and Secure
Manage access from any mobile device and manage permissions based on users, time of day, and other factors
Shareable Access Codes
Shares limited-use codes for trusted visitors themselves in when you aren't available to do so. Grant and revoke access at the click of a button
[Coming Soon] Trusted Partners Network
Automate permissions for trusted partner personnel such as FedEx, DoorDash or Shuddle drivers.

Brain surgery for your old intercom:

We offer a full retrofit to any existing installation, old or recent, so you never have to worry about size, shape or location. Instead we implant the Fortices brain into your intercom to give it superpowers:
Work on any device
Don't depend on anyone having the right phone to work with you, Fortices works on any device.
Use clear interface
No weird access code to memorize and dial, just control your gate the same way you'd take a call.
Wired? Wireless? Yes!
Work off your existing line, or go wireless, your connection to your intercom isn't bound by cables.
Modular and Upgradable
Use your existing hardware (mic/speaker) or add Fortices' own modules, add a camera now or later.
Low cost of ownership
Operating at a fraction of the cost of leading smart doorbells while giving pro-level performance and reliability.
Always improving
Built for modular software features and always up to date with over the air updates.


Fortices is a technology company enhancing Doorbell for multi-dwelling communities such as apartments, condos, and gated communities.
Fortices retrofits existing systems with the latest modern intercom system complete with an HDR camera and mobile access.

Fortices enables residents to enjoy the modern conveniences without friction at the gate while empowering delivery- and service-providers doing business with these communities.
Let us assess your intercom retrofit potential — No commitment needed
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