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June 16, 2020
What is Fortices?
by: James Park
In early 2020, we came together under a shared vision, and Fortices was born.
At Fortices, we believe it is only natural that we have control over who comes into your home. Not only door access must be secure, but it also needs to strike the right balance between control and convenience.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who spent combined decades in manufacturing, software, telecommunications, and safety certification. We are based in the San Francisco bay area and, in early 2020, came together under a shared vision, and Fortices was born.
We realized that the weakest link to our homes, especially for those living in a multi-dwelling community, is the front-door or -gate of the building. People find the working of existing intercoms archaic and hugely inconvenient even when it worked as designed. So they trade the security of the community for temporary personal convenience by sharing access code, letting anyone who rings in, etc. This is happening right now, across the entire country.

With the rising demand for services that are coming to our homes - think of house cleaning, home repair, delivery everything - we saw frustrations reach a boiling point. Their existing intercoms are limited, malfunctioning, or simply broken. We decided to solve access control for all services people subscribe to and rethink how this could change how we live. Dog walkers, nannies, friends and family, and the good folks making deliveries should have easy access to our home. We call this 'last-foot' problem. People who we authorized come to our home are not able to get inside the front door or front gate because of the intercom system.

In 2020 the Coronavirus exacerbated this problem, as trust became ever more important, and no-contact deliveries became the norm.

The incumbent:
Circa 1950. intercom

We at Fortices are working to change how intercoms work. Yes, the very intercom(s) you already have at home or your community. We are modernizing them. We are making them smart. We are reimagining what intercom is for the modern-day in a cost-effective and technologically savvy way.

The existing intercoms, designed in the 1950s, did not anticipate the new world where everyone has smartphones in their hands and they welcome friends, professionals, and service providers in our homes every week. But updating your access control shouldn't require redesigning your gate or your retaining wall, so we hide our technology in plain sight, in your existing installed system. Better sound, high definition video, better smart access features, at cheaper rates than new complex proprietary systems, that's the Fortices value.

Unlike many startups, we don't ambition to change the world, but we want to help you adjust to how the world is changing. We believe that our world has changed, home is now more than what it used to be, convenience is no longer worth sacrificing safety or vice-versa. We spend more time at home, cook more at home, entertain more at home, take deliveries of all things from groceries to office supplies at home; it's time to reclaim control over our front door or front gate.

We are sharing this with you so that you know more about us before inviting our team and our technology to your home and community.

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The Fortices Five.
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