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July 10, 2020
What really is an intercom anyway?
by: James Park, Mathieu Guerville
While we've all seen them, used them, and sometimes even bought them (they don't magically grow on buildings), few of us ever to think about the intercom and what it stands for.

Fundamentally a communication device, it is however unique enough that other communication tools never quite replaced it.

Intercoms are deeply integrated into the buildings they adorn, controlling not just the dialog as you screen the person at your door, but also the opening and closing of the door itself.
As cities grew vertically, and increasing numbers of people started to shared a common entryway into the shared communities of apartment and condo buildings, the distance from the front door of your home and the gate to your building grew to the point where just walking to the gate every time some came to visit was impractical. The intercom was brought up to solve that problem, and eventually became an added security layer to allow for the convenience of remotely letting visitors in without compromising some degree of screening and verification.
The problem is that intercoms have barely changed in the last 50 years, while the rest of the world has. Our technology, from TVs to phones to personal computers and even appliances have jumped leaps and bounds forwards, and our lifestyles have evolved drastically alongside them. Yet on the outside facade of your building, your communication connection to the outside world is rusted, barely functioning, and still using 50 year old technology.
We need our intercoms more than ever, to facilitate the ever growing deliveries and the increasing numbers of at home gatherings, to ward off porch pirates and give us more confidence that the person at the gate is who they say they are. The problem is that the last time your intercom worked Jimmy Carter was in office and you didn't live in this building yet. The box still stands, the wires are still there in the guts of the building, but the brains are toast. .

Fortices' mission is to fix just that. By the motto "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", we don't bother with frame and wiring, we keep your old intercom, and simply give it new brains. We want to prevent unnecessary costs of needless replacements. We "modernize" any system, from the push button intercoms of the 70's to the more modern directory-based systems with scrolling names, and in the process of doing so we offer the option to add a camera or upgrade existing ones.

It's time to retake control of your front gate, it's time to fix the part that is broken in your current intercom, follow us for updates or reach out for a project estimates or any questions.
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